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About Me

About Me

Proteek- Who? How Come?

It all started in 1981 when Proteek got his first taste of content and pictures. 

He chewed the first newspaper at the age of 3 months.Post the newspaper incident, 

his life somewhat flowed like this.Schooled in Hindu School, Calcutta (as it was called then)Graduated with all philosophical stuff from Presidency College, Calcutta (Well, he applies quite a bit of it in his Fine Art Photography)

Made music as well as 7-8 music videos with bands in Kolkata and Bangladesh (This skill he aspires to use in making Fashion Films)

Associate Producer in Sony Television

Program Director at Sri Venkatesh Films Associate 

VP, Programming, MnM, BangladeshMade 

10-12 TV CommercialsIt almost seemed as a past life. 

But this gave him enough experience and determination for his future and permanent profession- Fashion and Architecture Photography that he has been practicing for the past 8 years!

He learnt his craft from Instituto Europeo de Design (IED), Madrid and practised fine art photography for almost 2 year in Europe. 

Now, he searches Minimalism through his lens in architecture and contemporary fashion visuals, throwing in a fresh look that anyone or everyone would relate to!

A further bigger collection is available on his Instagram. 

Don’t miss visiting @ProteekMandalStudio to get mesmerised with fresh visuals.

Vital Stats:

11K Facebook Page Organic Followers

4.5K Organic Instagram Followers

Brand Ambassador, West India Region for Sigma Lens 2014

business inquires 

Sreerupa Sil 

0091 9871594114